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All fire shows are impressive and powerful!

Perfectly choreographed to the music, full of dance, theatre, and acrobatics as well as modern spinning techniques - the so-called flow arts. Expect shows that your audience will remember. Choose between solo, duo, or group performances - all available in different costume and music styles to suit your event.

Solo Entertainment

The solo entertainment of circus artist Jago is characterised by elegant and dynamic spinning techniques and powerful acrobatics. Expect bright-fire effects, skillful handstands, precision, and expression that your audience will remember!

Maskulines Duo

Experience the masculine presence of JAGO & L-ION – either classically elegant in white or dressed as fierce warriors in leather. This powerful duo will transport you into a world of acrobatics, dance, theatre, and modern spinning techniques that is unique! The precise and choreographed shows will leave your audience in awe!

Mixed Duo

We, the fire duo Dragonfire, offer you a multifaceted range of shows: from Tarzan to pirates to fiery tango, we will transform your event into a unique and unforgettable rush of flames.


All performances are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and will be adapted to suit your venue. Our combination of dance, dynamic acrobatics and technical precision will thrill you and your audience!


FLAME-E-MOTION is a powerful fire dance duo that combines flexibility, body art, skilful spinning techniques and the energetic spirit between man and woman.