Tango On Fire

Tango –  is a hot and perky dance set. You will be astounded by the nimble art of the dancer and the lady with the flower in the hair.

The Duo will take you into the new and frivolous world of Acrobatic Tango. Dance and fiery acrobatics merge with the imagination of Dragonfire’s team. The sexy, sophisticated choreography with innovative music inspire the audience to stand up and dance along.



The meeting of two worlds. Scientific researcher Jane meets curious, jungle wild, Tarzan. You will see the magic of love bridge two extremely different worlds. You will feel the dance of fascination for the new and exotic worlds of one another. We celebrate the joy of meeting another soul, in this jungle we call life.






Arrr … PIRATES! – Experience a wild combination of artistic choreography and skilled acrobatics.

Pirates cloaked in shredded outfits dazzle the audience with extravagant fire juggling and acrobatics accompanied by various tunes ranging from pagan folk to oriental.

PIRATES! is popular at medieval festivals and pirate-style events.





The Sparkling Swing Show

The new humorous and exciting performance by JAGO & SaarArts combines elements from swing, tango, burlesque, circus and acrobatics. During this firedance spectacle, two divas in love try to define their place next to each other in a game of ego, fun, jealousy and attraction. Those theatrically overacting characters will steal your attention with their stage presence, outstanding partner fire techniques, beautiful costumes and unique story.